Do you know the characters?

Raymond the Caiman

Raymond is the “leader” of the business. He is a smooth-fronted caiman. While they are partners, he is the one who talked Damon into starting the business. Raymond is the “paint” side of the business. He does make paint, but for some orders, he works with ano ther company to provide large quantities.

Raymond is generally upbeat and tries to turn anything that might seem negative into a positive. He likes to look out for others but sometimes gets caught up in the moment and doesn’t necessarily keep track of all of the details.

Damon the Caiman

Damon is the second smooth-fronted caiman in the business. While he’s an equal partner, he usually takes a lead from Raymond in making business decisions. He is the cake-maker and in nearly every case, he bakes and decorates the cakes.

Damon’s personality is sometimes skeptical and generally pragmatic. He expects Raymond to keep him updated on everything but does occasionally question the process (not really in a bad way; just to be sure they are handling business the proper way).

Clara the pig-nose turtle

Clara is a happy-go-luckily pig-nosed turtle who befriends the Caimans after making a large order. She is attentive and agreeable as both a customer and friend. She also has many connections in town and many times ends up as the center of it all.

Violet the Puffin

Violet, an Atlantic puffin, is Clara’s gregarious best friend. She sometimes likes to insert her own ideas into the plans of Clara’s and others - usually for the better. Violet adores Raymond and Damon due to her love for colors - some that she can see, and some that she can imagine.

Syd the tawny frogmouth

Syd, a tawny frogmouth (and not an owl!) owns a shop right next door to Paints and Cakes. What does she sell in her shop? We're not quite sure just yet.

With the latest book, Solving Problems, there are now quite a few characters living in Aquawagalia. I'll eventually try to list them all, but here are a few to start: