Here are all the books from the Caimans at Work series:

Solving Problems

Solving Problems cover

Published summer 2022

The caimans’ new store is the talk of the town. But with success comes navigating the speed bumps along the way. Have no fear – Raymond and Damon are always up for the challenge, whether they are finding a recipe, picking the right color, just doing laundry or investigating a peculiar mystery at their favorite place - a party, of course!

The Surprise Visit

The Surprise Visit cover

Published summer 2021

Raymond and Damon are busy with many orders these days. Their friend Clara stops by the shop with an urgent request. Will the caimans be able to help her before time runs out?

The Special Delivery

The Special Delivery cover

Published summer 2020

Today is a “special” day for Raymond and Damon. Let’s ride along with them and find out more about their delivery adventure!